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Maca Medley

Maca Medley

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Maca Medley is more than just a single type of maca. Our formula combines three types of maca root—black, red, and yellow—and with black pepper for enhanced absorption. Designed to support sexual health, energy, and overall well-being, Maca Medley is a natural option for both women and men.

Maca root, a revered superfood from the Andes, has been used for centuries to boost libido, stamina, and hormonal balance. By including black, red, and yellow maca root, our supplement ensures a comprehensive approach, leveraging the unique benefits of each type.

    Key benefits*

    1) Supports sexual health: The combination of black, red, and yellow maca root provides a well-rounded approach to enhancing libido, stamina, and hormonal balance.

    2) Increases energy & vitality: Maca root is well-known for its ability to boost energy levels, improve mood, and support overall well-being.

    3) Balances hormones:  Aids the endocrine system responsible for hormone production and regulation as a powerful adaptogen.

    Experience the synergistic benefits of three types of maca root with Maca Medley and take a natural step towards boosting your vitality and performance.



    *These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

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